Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love and Tears

I love you and I love you, 
suffused with tears that falls, 
still here i loving you, I used to think our love would be forever, 
the loved that used communicate through our eyes, 
I don't know how we became like this, 
this is not what i wanted, i want to turn time, 
i want to hug you one more time, 
the time we first time with thrill, 
the time that we were good even only gazing, 
I sometimes image that times, I struggled restlessly, 
in reality now it's not like that, at last, 
i can't let go of your hands, i'm sorry and i'm sorry, 
still you are the person i always miss...

The white starlight envelops the tears, 
the tears fall in the warm wind, do you feel it?, 
this trembling, quiet whisper that is going your way, 
i draw you on this white paper, 
the warm smile holds me, is this love?, even when i close my eyes, 
i see only you... i will be waiting for you, i will wait for you, 
i don't want to see the tears of pain anymore, you let me know, 
this love that's like a lie, i'll never let it go, because that love is you... 
i'm walking in my memories with you, the tears fill even the deepest area of my heart... 
what should i do? even in my dreams, i miss you...
please look at me, like the faraway stars...
can't you be the one that's in my heart?

p/s:patient is an art of happiness :)

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